What are we learning to do?

Our Super Circles make you Super Smart.

You will learn how to work well together in a group using the Super Circle Talk Guide. This Guide helps your group agree on how you will listen to and build on other people's ideas. It helps you work out the questions you can ask one another and make connections between the story and your own life.

In this Super Circle you will be learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and how they have a special link with the land, sea and animals of the places they live in Australia.

You will find and explore examples of the different ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples use to communicate with one another and tell their Dreaming stories.

To show your learning you will create a project using iPad applications like PicCollage, Strip Designer, Canva or GarageBand. You can also write a postcard, use clay to make something or make up a song or rap. You will show your project to the class after five weeks work on each story.