Super Sum

It is Super Sum’s job to make sure that everyone knows the parts of the story and the main ideas. Super Sum signs in and out the iPads that the group uses.

Super Sum creates the Super Circle’s Popplet for the text by taking a photo of the front cover and adding the author’s name. Each week Super Sum adds to the Popplet to create a Timeline of the story and important ideas.
Super Sum writes a list of the things that have happened in the story and the ideas that the author is trying to show us.

Before each Super Circle you will:
  • List what has happened in the part of the story read each week.
  • Look at your Popplet to check for similar themes or ideas.
  • Think about what that part of the story means or how it links to other parts of the story.

At each Super Circle meeting you will:
  • Start the meeting by reading your list that describes what has happened in a part of the story.
  • Listen to others ideas and add them to your list if they are different or important.
  • Talk about any similar or different events from the story.

After each Super Circle you will:
  • Add to your Super Circle’s Popplet.

Super Alpha

Super Alpha looks closely at words. It is Super Alpha’s job to find out the meaning of words using a Dictionary or the internet. The words that you choose might be words that you do not know. They could be words that are unusual or that look or sound the same.
Before each Super Circle, you will:
  • Write down at least 2 words from the story to talk about.
  • Use a Dictionary or the Super Search Page to find the meaning of the words.
  • Write the meanings on your Super Words Bookmark to share with your Super Circle.

At each Super Circle meeting you will:
  • Tell everyone your words for the week. First, tell them the word. Then, say it in the sentence from the story.
  • Ask if they think they know what the word means. Tell them the definition.
  • Talk about whether it is similar or different to what you thought it might be.

After each Super Circle meeting everyone will:
  • Write the words and their meanings in their Super Circle Cape booklet.

Super Why
Super Why thinks about the different parts of the story and makes up questions each week for everyone in the Super Circle to talk about.

Super Why thinks of 3 – 4 questions about the story for the Super Circle to talk about. It is your job to think of questions about:
  • The characters in the story.
  • The places in the story.
  • What happens in the story and why.
  • The author and the way they have written the story.
  • The illustrator/s and the way they have created the pictures.
Before your Super Circle:
  • Use your Super Why’s Question Planner to write down 2 - 3 questions for your group to talk about.

At your Super Circle:
  • Present you first question and talk about it with your Circle. Then, present your other questions and talk about them, too.

After your Super Circle:
  • Everyone writes or draws in their Super Circles Cape what they learnt from your questions.

Super Spy

Super Spy - girl with magnifying glass reading.

Super Spy is the researcher of the group. You find information about the author and illustrator. Super Spy always check the Super Trusted Sites and Search Tips Guide to make sure the information they find is true.
Before each Super Circle you will:
  • Use the internet or iPad apps such as Google Earth to find out about the author and illustrator.
  • Use the Super Spy Tips and Links for your research.
  • Look at your Popplet and list any information that you have found before that might link to what you have found this week.

At each Super Circle you will:
  • Share what you have found out about the author or illustrator.
  • Share other interesting facts that relate to the story. Talk about how this information links to what you already know.
  • Write 2-3 facts about the author, the illustrator or the story in your Super Circles Cape booklet.

After each Super Circle you will:
  • Add 2-3 facts to the Super Circle Popplet and connect them to information that your Circle has already talked about.

Super Draw

Super Draw makes drawings of the different parts of the story, the author, the setting or some other interesting part of the story.

Super Draw’s drawings are added to the Super Circle’s Popplet and joined to other Popples to show that they are linked in some way.

Before each Super Circle meeting you will:
  • Draw a picture or map of something that you found interesting in the story.
  • Add five words or labels to your picture or map to describe that part of the story.

At each Circle meeting you will:
  • Show your picture or map.
  • Tell your Circle members why you chose to draw that part of the story.
  • Ask if other members could add to the picture and talk about what they would add.

After each meeting you will:
  • Take a photo of the completed picture.
  • Add the photo to the Circle’s Popplet.
  • Connect the Popple to other Popples that are linked to your picture.