What is a Super Circle?

  • Super Circles have five students in a group
  • Each group or Circle, reads different stories. The stories used in Super Circles can be short stories, plays, poems, chapter books, fiction, film or online clips, and non-fiction.
  • Everyone in the Super Circle has a Super-Power with a special job.
  • Your Super Power helps you talk about the story with your team members to learn more about the ideas, settings and events in the story than if you just read it alone.

You will be put into a Super Circle with four other students to make a group of five.

Everyone in your Super Circle will be given the same story to read. At your first meeting you can decide how much of the story to read each week and complete the Super Circle Reading Agreement. You read that part of your text at home, in the Library or during Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) time.

You will meet with your Super Circle once each week to talk about what happens in the story and the characters in the story. You may talk about how or why the author or illustrator made the story. Your Super Circle may also talk about things that have happened to you in real life that are like the story. Your Circle will create a group Popplet showing what you have talked about and learnt from the story.

You will also write down interesting words and their meaning and notes about what you talked about in your Super Circles Cape booklet.

Super Circles Cape Booklet Cover Image.png
Super Circles Cape booklet cover image

After five weeks of talking about the story and completing your role each week, you will show what you have learnt by writing, drawing or making a project.

Don’t forget to use the blue coloured links to more information and guides for you to use as you work.

Why are we using Super Circles?

  • Super Circles make us look at stories in different ways and help us learn more words.
  • We learn to use the iPads and the computer to learn more about the stories we read.
  • They help us work out what the big idea in a story is.
  • Our Super Powers help us share what we’ve learnt from the story.
  • Talking with our Super Circle teaches us how to work as a group. Visit Super Happy Super Circles for tips on how to ask questions, ask for more information from someone and how to build on others ideas