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Silly Birds, by Gregg Dreise, Cover image from Magabala Books website at

Dreiss, G. (2014). Silly Birds. Magabala Books : Broome, W.A.
Silly Birds is the story of Maliyan, a young eagle. He becomes friends with the turkey Wagan and some other birds, and they all do many silly things. They don’t listen to the parents or the Elders and they mess up the Billabong and eat all of the food.

Maliyn’s parents are very disappointed so he tries to speak to the other birds to make them stop and clean the Billabong up, but they don’t listen. Maliyan flies away and starts the journey of listening again.

Maliyan grows up and becomes a good leader. All the other birds begin to change and become sensible too. They clean up the Billabong and make things right. All except for Wagan.

Silly Birds is a bright and colourful picture book, with pictures of many Australian animals and traditional Aboriginal art. This story shows how Aboriginal storytelling is used to teach children right from wrong.
Watch the Book Trailer here:

Information Text

Our Island.jpg
Our Island, by Alison Lester, Elizabeth Honey and the children of Gununa book, front cover image from Penguin website at

Lester, A., Honey, E., & Mornington Island State School. (2014). Our Island. Viking : Melbourne, Victoria.
Our Island is a colourful, informative story where animals swim in the beautiful blue ocean and hide between the bushes of the Mornington Island where the children of Gununa live. This story has each of the animals and creatures that the children are surrounded by in this special place each day, as they open their eyes and wake up to a new sunny day. Lardil is the traditional language of the Gununa children and this book helps you learn some Lardil words for each of the animals found in the story.

Listen to a preview of Our Island and watch the author and illustrator talk about their trip to Mornington Island:

Book App

Ngurrara Book App by Tyson Mowarin. Cover Image by Stu Campbell. Linked to Apple App Store at

Mowarin, T. (2013). Ngurrara (1.0). [Application]. Weerianna Street Media Pty Ltd. Retrieved from

Ngurrara is an Aboriginal story from the Ngarluma tribe. It uses both English and Ngarluma language.

The story starts over thirty thousand years ago. This was when the world’s oldest art gallery began with Aboriginals carving their stories on rocks. Ngurrara tell the story of three young Ngarluma men as they live on the land, hunting and fishing and carving their stories in the rocks.

This story is read or listened to on the iPad.


Bunyip in the moon - A tale from Australia retold by Suzanne Barchers. Cover Image by Peter Clarke, from Red Chair Press at

Barchers, S. I. & Clarke, (Illustrator). (2015). Bunyip in the moon: A tale from Australia. Red Chair Press: South Egremont, M.A.
A young Aboriginal girl is taken by a Bunyip and put under his spell. A hunter sets out to save her from the Bunyip but he is disappointed, night after night when he is unable to trap the Bunyip. He finally finds the Bunyip but the girl will not come to him. She is still under the spell of the Bunyip! The courageous hunter fights the Bunyip, but will he ever release the girl from his spell?

Many Aboriginals still believe that the fearsome Bunyip is up in the sky, trying to cast his spell on us.

Picture Book

Budinge and the min min lights.jpg
Budinge and the Min-Min lights by Uncle Joe Kirk and Greer Kasey. Cover Image by Sandi Kirk, from Scholastic at

Kirk, J., Casey, G., & Harrold, S. (Illustrator). (2015). Budinge and the min min lights. Scholastic Australia Pty Ltd: Gosford, NSW
Budinge lives deep in the Australian bush with his grandmother. One night he sees bright lights between the tree branches. He panics because his grandmother had told him about the Min-Min lights taking naughty boys and girls away. Budinge thinks that these lights might be the Min-Min coming to get him. Are they the Min-Min lights? What will he do?