Now that you have learnt about your text, choose one of these projects to share what you have learnt about the ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are connected to the land, sea and animals or use stories to teach lessons:


Rock Carving: Use the Ngurrara app in the iPad to create your own rock carving of a time when you were proud of something you achieved. (iPad)

PicCollage: Create a picture collage of Australian animals that are special to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander clan. (iPad)

Song/Rap: Use GarageBand or the music from a favourite song to write a song or rap about an Aboriginal Dreaming story. (iPad or paper)

Poster: Use Canva to create a poster advertising a play presentation of the story you read. (iPad or computer)
Clay models: Use clay to make a model of something of significance to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island Peoples. (Clay/Plasticine)

Digital Story: Create a digital story on Strip Designer about places or animals in Aboriginal Art or Dreaming stories. (iPad)


Bilingual Picture Dictionary: Create a Picture Dictionary of English-Aboriginal dialects.
Postcard: Write a postcard to your friend back in Sydney about your camping trip with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island clan.